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HR simplified from Recruitment to Payroll
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HR simplified from Recruitment to Payroll

Evolia makes it easier to recruit, hire, schedule and track time worked by your frontline. For Managers and Workers.

Features and Benefits

Create smart schedules

Schedules aren’t just names in boxes — they’re your employees’ lives and the backbone of your business. Manager-worker collaboration is key to building efficient schedules. Set your rules, get workers’ input, automate communications and assignments in real-time and make adjustments when needed.

Try shift-based recruiting

Recruit the best employee for each shift and offer a flex schedule to boost engagement. This will ensure no shift is left unfilled.

Organize your team’s communications

HR operations start with your people, and perform based on your management skills. Organize your team’s communications on a single platform with instant-messaging, survey, file sharing and more.

Easily manage leave requests

Managing workforce leave requests is more than simply approving vacation time. Prioritize requests, track time banks, and reassign all unattended shifts in a single integrated process.

Automate your payroll processing

Set your rules. Let Evolia normalize timesheets and count on a number of integrations to transfer error free data to your ADP payroll in a single-click.

Leverage task lists

Make sure all tasks get done in due time using pre-populated checklists and add ad hoc tasks to your shift so everyone knows what they’ve got to do. Need help onboarding newcomers? Leverage task lists to ensure employee training as well!
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