Ingentis org.manager Enterprise Edition

Org charts, design, and analytics

Org charts, design, and analytics

Ingentis org.manager is a solution for efficient org charting, org design, and HR analytics. There are no limits when it comes to design, layout, or content of data visualizations allowing for the satisfaction of individual customer needs. Its feature for workforce modeling enables the creation of different what-if scenarios with affected key metrics being updated in real-time. It interfaces to leading HR systems and connects with any other data source ensuring an always up-to-date basis for HR analytics and modeling activities.

Features and Benefits

Org chart creation in no time

Thanks to the interface to leading HR systems and the connection of any other data source, your organizational structure can be visualized within minutes. Additionally, it ensures that the displayed data is always up to date.

Make more informed business decisions

Model what-if scenarios easily via drag-and-drop. Key metrics included in the org chart are updated in real-time allowing for an immediate evaluation of the planned modifications.

Increase your organizational effectiveness

Ingentis org.manager helps pave the way to organizational effectiveness by providing a clear overview of organizational structures and processes. The tool lets you step up your organizational design activities.

Maintain an overview

Ingentis org.manager displays KPIs along the organizational structure but also in dashboards, graphs, and Big Data visualizations. Custom visualization rules point out particularly important aspects.

Manage who can see what

Restrict access to certain areas of the org chart to make sure executives and employees see only the information which they are entitled to.
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