Ingentis org.manager Enterprise Edition

Visualize. Analyze. Optimize.

Visualize. Analyze. Optimize.

Ingentis org.manager is a leading software solution for people and organizational analytics. It enables companies to analyze the current state of their organization, model future organizational designs, and optimize their structures and processes. The software helps customers identify and leverage untapped potential preparing them to tackle the rapidly changing business world. Interfaces to leading HR systems ensure that data visualizations with Ingentis org.manager are always up-to-date.

Features and Benefits

New Perspectives on Structures and Personnel Data

Ingentis org.manager visualizes your organizational structure and HR data in various ways. Whether it is in dashboards, Big Data graphs, networks, or classical hierarchies – our software opens new perspectives and helps you think outside the box.

Important Insights for Well-Founded Decisions

The visualization of key metrics along the organizational structure or in graphs and diagrams in combination with custom visualization rules enables you to gain critical insights. The powerful simulation extension of Ingentis org.manager additionally allows you to model structural changes and immediately see and evaluate their potential consequences resulting in informed decisions for your business.

Better Collaboration Through Greater Transparency

A clear picture of the organizational structure does not only offer benefits for HR and org managers or executives, it also increases transparency across the entire company. Ingentis org.manager lets you publish your org chart within the intranet. Include responsibilities and contact details to make it easy for your employees to find and contact the person they are looking for.

Cost Savings Through Faster People and Org Design Processes

With its various options for data visualization and the powerful modeling feature Ingentis org.manager greatly contributes to the effectiveness of your people and org design processes. Quickly identify areas with a need for action and model changes before putting them into place to avoid costly mistakes.
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