Digital workplace for frontline employees

Communication Streams

Streams are predefined communication channels where colleagues can share information and engage with specific teams or the entire organization.

Distribute company news

  • Distribute news, updates, and protocols through labeled, easy-to-search channels

Customize user access

  • Make sure users see the most relevant content by customizing access based on team or role

Motivate employees

  • Foster recognition by celebrating achievements and tagging team members
Communication Streams

Secure Team Messaging

Work better together with organized team communication channels. Learn how instant messaging for business transforms customer service.

Instant team communication

  • Send 1:1 or group messages without exchanging emails or phone numbers

Centralize and distribute files

  • Easily store and share documents, links, and pictures

Increase workforce productivity

  • Improve operational communication and shorten response times
Secure Team Messaging

Analytics Dashboard

Measure the effectiveness of your internal communication strategy using powerful reports.

Track engagement

  • Get a real-time view of employee engagement and app usage

Work toward your communication goals

  • Measure internal communication KPIs

Make data-driven decisions

  • Analyze survey responses to make impactful changes
Analytics Dashboard

Manage Content Across Locations

Scale Beekeeper for your company with Locations.

Scale your communication

  • Add more locations and levels of administration as your company grows

Empower team and location leadership

  • Give line managers the access they need to lead their teams

Increase engagement

  • Share relevant information with local teams
Manage Content Across Locations

Confirmation Campaigns

Real-time read confirmations ensure everyone is informed and held accountable for viewing critical communications.

Make sure your message hits home

  • Verify safety and regulatory information is viewed by requesting receipt confirmation

Segment and personalize messages

  • Send your campaign to specific groups and personalize it with the recipient's name

Save time following up

  • Easily identify and follow up with those who haven’t responded
Confirmation Campaigns


Make it easier and faster for managers to share the most up-to-date work documents with their teams in a secure, accessible folder structure.


Increase alignment and productivity

  • Help distributed teams find the right document every time
  • Global oversight and local ownership combine to ensure content relevance and structural simplicity

Keep everything in one place

  • Save time: Your teams know where to look for the most up-to-date information
  • Prevent employees sharing sensitive documents ad-hoc via Dropbox, Google Docs or private messaging apps

Relevant information and easy reading

  • Your employees can access important information via Documents anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices
  • Documents on Beekeeper are easier to read in pinch-and-zoom viewing mode

Shift Schedules

Give every single employee access to their most up-to-date schedule, personalized to them and delivered straight to their pocket via Beekeeper.

Shift Schedules

Reduce absenteeism

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs by covering every shift
  • Reduce unintentional absenteeism to maintain your high quality standards

Always have the latest schedule

  • Own your work time - check your schedule from anywhere at any time on Beekeeper
  • Trust that the schedule in Beekeeper is up-to-date

Communicate easily with your Shift Manager

  • Send a message to your Shift Manager from the same platform on which you check your schedule
  • Reduce back-and-forth: all communication around schedules happens on Beekeeper