Applauz Connector for ADP WorkForce Now®

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Integration details

The Applauz Connector allows you to automate the synchronization of your information to your Applauz account. No need to manage your employee information on two sites, Applauz will import your employee list during the first synchronization and update it automatically afterwards. The Applauz Connector will also allow your employees to quickly and easily log in using their ADP credentials.

Integrated ADP Applications

  • ADP Workforce Now®

Type of integration

  • 1. Uni-directional data synchronization (ADP to Applauz)
  • 2. Single Sign-On

Data synchronization frequency

  • 1. Near real time for the basic worker data fields
  • 2. Scheduled nightly synchronization for all other worker data

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be sent from ADP to Applauz. Note: All fields with a * will be synchronized in near real time with Applauz when updated in ADP Workforce Now®. All other fields will be captured in the nightly sync.
  • 1. First Name *
  • 2. Last Name *
  • 3. Personal Email Address *
  • 4. Original Hired Date
  • 5. Job Title
  • 6. Legal Address - Line 1 *
  • 7. Legal Address - Line 2 *
  • 8. Legal Address - Line 3 *
  • 9. Legal Address - City *
  • 10. Legal Address - State / Territory *
  • 11. Legal Address - Country *
  • 12. Legal Address - Postal Code*

Connect your ADP® account to your Applauz account

Once you connect your existing ADP® account with your existing Applauz account, your company's employee information will automatically synchronize daily between your ADP Workforce Now® account and your Applauz program. Save precious administrative time by not having to enter each of your employees manually on both programs.

Connect your ADP® account to your Applauz account

Integration support

If you require tech support for the integration process of your existing ADP Workforce Now® account to your existing Applauz program, our team is here to help. Applauz has a dedicated integration team who can answer all your questions and help facilitate the use of the Applauz connector for ADP Workforce Now®

Integration support