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The LMS without the Mess.
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The LMS without the Mess.

"The LMS Without the Mess" SkyPrep is an award-winning learning management system that helps organizations manage, deliver, and track training to employees, customers, and partners. Whether you are looking to onboard employees, train customers on your products, keep up with compliance, SkyPrep streamlines the process with an easy to use, intuitive interface. You are able to upload all your training content, create quizzes and tests, and ensure employees are going through their training content by using our advanced reporting feature. The system schedules training courses sends reminders and automates the entire training.

Features and Benefits

Increased Employee Performance

An employee who receives proper training is more equipped to exceed in their role. When staff are kept on the cutting edge of industry developments and receive a better understanding of safety practices and procedures, they produce high quality work more efficiently.

Training Consistency

Ensure all employees have a consistent experience, background knowledge and policy understanding by streamlining your training into one centralized location. Making content available on demand will enable your team to revisit and better understand what is expected of them.

Accurate Measure of Training Effectiveness

Performance measures are critical: if you know which courses have the greatest impact on your team you are able to close the gap between training and employee performance. Dig deep into learner data, build reports and generate insights into learning to better align tracking methods to your business goals.

Lower Employee Turnover

Retain your employees by offering them the opportunity to learn and use new skills. Workers who have the skills and confidence to do their jobs well are rewarded with a sense of satisfaction, resulting in higher workplace engagement and loyalty.

Integration Details

The ADP® SkyPrep integration provides the ability to sync and update users data from ADP® to SkyPrep LMS. The integration can push users data manually in real-time or can be scheduled to occur once a day. As well, the integration allows creating workflows to automate course enrolment and eliminate manual processes.

Partner App Additional Features

SkyPrep ADP integration allows you to auto-enrol users into certain courses and deliver training based on their specific needs. By automating the processes you eliminate manual process and focus on your business growth.
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