Microsoft Power BI Connector for ADP® DataCloud

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Integration Details

The Microsoft Power BI Connector for ADP® DataCloud pushes metric data from ADP to your Power BI desktop software. This is a real-time integration that helps practitioners mash up data and create reports and visualizations in Power BI using ADP metrics.

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®

Integration type

  • Read data from ADP

Application type

  • Data connector

Data sync frequency

  • Real-time

Data fields

  • The following fields will flow from ADP to ADP clients’ Power BI desktop software to create reports and visualizations in Power BI:

    Metric data
    View bys
    Time period
    Employee details/chart details

How to Activate the Microsoft Power BI Connector for ADP DataCloud

Try the free edition of the Microsoft Power BI connector for ADP DataCloud today. Getting started is simple — just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Subscribe to the free edition.

  • Click the “Try the Free Edition” button at the top of this page to activate the connector. If you are already subscribed, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Click on “Connect Now”.

  • On your ADP Mashups page, look for the Microsoft Power BI tile and click on “Connect Now”.

Step 3: Download the .MEZ file.

  • Download the move the mez file to your documents folder to build the connection between ADP and Microsoft Power BI.

Step 4: Select and configure your metrics.

  • Pick and customize your ADP data that you want to export.

Product Prerequisites

To use this connector, you must have a subscription to ADP® DataCloud Enhanced Insights and the latest version of Microsoft Power BI.

Data Export to Microsoft Power BI

Control the metrics you'd like to export to Power BI, keeping your analysis focused. Choose from HR, recruiting or payroll metrics.

Data Export to Microsoft Power BI

Real-Time Data

Create graphs and reports in Power BI using real-time ADP Analytics metrics.

Real-Time Data