Gaia WFM Suite

Manage Time, Maximize Value

Core HR

Core HR supports companies and organizations to automate HR processes and workflows, increase efficiency, and improve the overall experience with a complete lifecycle management platform.

Core HR

Contract Management

  • HR can easily track and manage contracts while employees can review and sign their contracts on a mobile app or through a desktop.

Customizable employee profile

  • Customizable profile structure for employees is stored through profiles including contact, job, talent, employee information and contract information.

Workforce Structure

  • Manage the organization's structure and hierarchy, all roles, jobs, positions, certificates and locations. Keep track of the details to support your business operations.


  • Training, skills set and certifications can be saved in employees’ profiles, which enables better and smarter scheduling based on employee's skills and proficiency.

Reporting Line

  • Set up employees reporting line and configure approval power based on different requests. Once the line manager is absent in leave, business trips, the delegated roles can manage the requests to keep the workflow.

Advanced Scheduler

Advanced Scheduler increases work efficiency and facilitate communications throughout the organization, to improve staff satisfaction. With our advanced scheduling solution, creating schedules for multiple organizations will be easy and quick.

Advanced Scheduler

Shift Swap

  • Employees can apply for shift swaps easily.

Compliance Assistance

  • Automated monitoring and notification of compliance and breach of rules to prevent costly risks.

Shift Rotation

  • Flexible rotation rules can be automatically generated based on the regular scheduling rules.

Visualize the insufficency

  • Compare the differences between scheduled employees & working hours and shift demand to properly allocate time slots.

Import & Export Schedules from Excel

  • Upload your schedule from an integrated external system or by template file. Easily export and save your schedule with one click.

Smart Scheduler

Gaia has developed various and reliable forecasting and scheduling algorithms. The module runs well-optimized schedules which achieve the right service levels based on business demand, and other complex factors such as compliance rules, employee skills, required certificates, availability and much more constraints.

Smart Scheduler

Business Forecast with Labor Demand

  • Tasks & Skills, working hours, shifts are calculated by our AI based on historical data from your financial system or ERP. The application users can view and edit the tasks, and the number of employees assigned with specific tasks. And the data can be exported for record-keeping in a different format.

Shift Demand Matrix

  • Create a custom shift template for regular operations; Edit the tasks assigned to shifts, as well as the headcount for each column; Easily switch between templates

Optimize the Operation Targets

  • Set custom targets for the algorithm to meet the business operations, including shift demand, cost and budget, and employees' work and life balance.

Skills, Certificates and Profeciency

  • Our AI will assign the most suitable employees for the tasks based on their proficiency in skills & certificates. The system will check the certificate requirements for specific tasks automatically.


  • Employee can mark their availability, leave, special or urgent absence requests, the algorithm will only pick up the employees that are available and suitable for shifts.

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance can simplify attendance processes, control operating costs, and improve the overall efficiency of organizations. Our touch-free time capture, real-time attendance data aggregation will save HR enormous hours. HRBP can focus on strategy and improvements. And Gaia WFM can manage all categories of employment in one solution, like full-time employees, part-time employees, Giga workers, contractors, etc.

Time & Attendance

Personalized Account

  • Sync your working hours, time capture data, and attendance and leave records in one account. The system can help you monitor those data effortlessly and track employees’ attendance behaviours and indicates the employee attendance preferences.

Time-Off and Balance

  • Customize various types of rules and priorities for real-time calculation, release, and validation. Employees can view time-off balance and approval status.

Real-time Notifications

  • The system supports real-time verification of time capture, and remind employees and managers about the abnormal attendance (missed/late punch in or punch out).

All in Mobile App

  • The managers and employees can apply and approve all the daily requests, check the schedule, leave balance in the mobile app.

Leave Management

Leave Management will handle all your applications for annual leave, sick leave, urgent leave and any absence from application to approval in one place.

Leave Management

Flexible Workflow

  • The admin users can configure different workflow of approval based on different leave or absence applications.

Employee can choose how to use OT

  • The employee can apply how to use the OT, bank the OT hours or get paid in the next pay cycle.

Support different and complex leave rules

  • The big and complex international organizations need to support for different leave rules in different locations under different governance. This leave management supports multiple leave policies in one system to support complex operations.

Workforce Mobile

Workforce Mobile is a comprehensive WFM solution running on your smartphone. It allows employees to access their schedules, submit a leave application, view notifications and communication with colleagues.

Workforce Mobile

Contact Free Time Capture on Mobile

  • Workforce Mobile supports GPS Fence, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Mobile Face Recognition time captures in the employee's mobile app. This can support your employees to work in different locations and contact-free to avoid the virus spreading.

Manage all the requests

  • The managers and employees can apply and approve all the daily requests in the mobile app.


  • All the applications and approvals are in real-time. If the internet is not working at the moment, there is a timestamp to avoid future disputes.

Workforce Analytics

Powered by Microsoft Power BI, Workforce Analytics provides access to real-time data, rich indexes, and strong analytical functions. Managers can customize dynamic reports, access real-time schedules, view attendance, workforce life cycles, and trends.

Workforce Analytics

Understand where you spend your working hours

  • Understand your total working hours, productivity and unitarization rate in different roles and functions;

Understand the benchmark

  • Understand the benchmark of productivity in different functions; like how many standard working hours are required per car, per truck, per $1 M sales, etc.

Figure our where can make improvements

  • Once you had the working hours data and benchmark in the specific industry, the operation managers can figure out where can make improvements to gain competitive advantages. For example, a few Asian companies can improve the working hours in production to gain huge efficiency advantages in complex manufacturing for electronic devices and food/beverage, etc.

Sales Performance Manager

Sales Performance Manager can simulate the sales incentive policy and generate the result in real-time. It can help the decision-makers to focus on design incentive plans to support your business development and expansion and avoid complex manual calculations.

Sales Performance Manager

Sync your team and structure

  • Sync your team and structure without manual works.

Set up sales incentive formula and rules based on your business goals

  • The managers can set up different incentive plans in the system to run simulations before you make a decision.

Find out the errors quickly

  • And the system can quickly identify the errors and causes when an error occurs. There is an appealing process to deal with the wrong numbers of sales representatives. The disputes can be resolved within minutes rather than take days or weeks.

Reports with business insights

  • The system provides team leaders with clear and real-time sales data. Sales managers can instantly understand the team's performance and think about improvement or share the successful experience across the team.