Tableau® Connector for ADP® DataCloud

Easily export data from ADP DataCloud to Tableau®
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Easily export data from ADP DataCloud to Tableau®

The ADP data connector for Tableau® helps you do more with your organization’s data. Instead of painstakingly stitching together data from disconnected systems to generate reports and dashboards, view your data in one place. Through this connector and Tableau®’s Web Data Connector feature, you can easily export information from ADP DataCloud and mash it up with data from other sources in Tableau®. To use this connector, you must have a subscription to ADP® DataCloud Enhanced Insights and have the latest version of Tableau®.

Features and Benefits

Get started in just a few steps.

Activating the Tableau® data connector for ADP DataCloud is easy — just follow these steps.

Bring your data close.

Key business data can live in multiple disconnected systems, limiting your ability to get a complete picture of your business. The Tableau® connector for ADP DataCloud makes it easy to combine data from multiple systems to help generate reports and dashboards and make better decisions for your organization.

Choose your metrics.

Control the metrics you'd like to export to Tableau®, keeping your analysis focused.

Visualize your HCM data in real time.

Create graphs and reports in Tableau® using real-time ADP Analytics metrics.
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