Bucketlist Rewards

Recognition and award platform

Recognition and award platform

Bucketlist is an Employee Rewards and Recognition platform that enables companies to better motivate and engage their employees. Using Bucketlist results in higher performing teams and lower voluntary turnover.

Bucketlist is used by hundreds of thousands of employees across 40 different countries.

Features and Benefits

Lower Voluntary Turnover & Increased Employee Engagement

When you recognize staff for living the company values they feel more appreciated and connected to your company mission, resulting in a lower employee turnover.

Better rewards

There are over 4,000 different rewards in over 40 different countries around the world. Rewards can be customized for your business to include local rewards and experiences that are radically more engaging because they have an impact on employees' lives. When you really take care of your employees they perform better and stay longer.

Streamlined and Automated

With Bucketlist you can streamline and automate employee anniversaries and birthdays. The platform will automatically hand out rewards on the day of an employees anniversary and can notify team members of important milestones.

Peer and Manager Recognition

Make it easy and fun for employees and managers to recognize and reward one another for milestones, achievements, and a job well done. Bucketlist enables companies to reward employees the way they actually want, resulting in a 97% product satisfaction score as rated on G2 Reviews.

Recognize Staff from Anywhere

The platform is mobile with an iPhone and Android app making it easy for staff to access from anywhere.
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