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Daily Screening and Check In

Daily surveys feature questions aligned with WHO and public health authority guidelines, as well as HIPAA compliancy – allowing employees to easily submit self-reported surveys and administration to enforce time-bound/mandatory self-reporting.

Ready for Use

  • System can handle millions of users (public) as well as organizations with multi-level hierarchical structure

Daily Self Screening

  • Ability to enforce periodic or daily mandatory, time-bound self-reporting with color-coded proof

Report Recent Contacts

  • Ability to determine if the employee has been in contact with or have had interactions with other employees

Resources for Users

  • Virus outbreak mapping, information such as locations to testing sites, food banks, etc.
Daily Screening and Check In

Vaccine Management

With the vaccine rollout taking place across the country, it's critical for organizations to be able to identify and manage those who have or have not received the vaccine. The Covid19Tracker's Vaccine Management tool allows for user to securely upload their vaccine credentials and for administrators to verify, approve, and issue digital vaccine passports to their workforce. This technology offers a secure alternative to the current paper cards being issued.

Vaccine Management

Temperature Screening

A seamless process that captures self-screening, body temperature, and check-in records. Covid19Tracker™ is now available with integrated GoSafe, a motion-sensing touchless temperature scanner. GoSafe device sold sperately.

Temperature Screening

Guest screening capability

Document not only employees’ self-reporting surveys but also those of guests who interact with any staff or the office space. Guest screening allows for a more comprehensive back to work strategy to expand knowledge around points of contact.

Case management system

Survey data is processed by our case management system, allowing your team to refocus energy back into your organization. The COVID19Tracker™ is integrated with Kokomo’s Incident Management System (IMS) which can send out alerts, text-based notifications, and also has an A.I. engine to provide larger situational awareness based on employees’ surveys.

Situational Awareness

  • Easy view of COP (Common Operating Picture)

Audit Trail

  • System automatically records any updates on cases on hand

Alert and Notification

  • Notifies appropriate personnel and users in real time

Reports and Export

  • Data can be visualized and exported to excel

Integrate to External System

  • Connect to external systems; e.g. ERP, CAD, Analytics, etc.
Case management system

Multilingual survey options

COVID19Tracker™ is globalized at design. It can support and localize to any language such as but not limited to English, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Web and mobile UI automatically detects the browser’s and phone’s regional setting and displays corresponding language automatically.

Multilingual survey options

Contact Tracing

Proactively mitigate potential spread with the CONTACTJUXTAPOSER™ (contact tracing tool) that can easily conduct retroactive, manual, and location-based check-ins. The COVID19Tracker™ can be integrated with existing RFID and other badge check-in systems in order to trace potential outbreaks within the organization.

Contact Listing

  • Keeps track of granular information of locations over time.

Contact Identification

  • Patent-pending UI that helps identifying potential contacts and exposures.

Contact Follow-up

  • Complete task management system to ensure the follow-ups are performed and tracked

In-use by various workplaces as well as first responders

  • Instantly enabling any organization (employers, first responders, schools, and healthcare systems) and community to manage contact tracing.
Contact Tracing

Customizable and flexible options

Not every organization requires each of the configurable options the COVID19Tracker™ offers. Customize your solution for your organization’s needs with the Kokomo Solutions team’s streamlined onboarding process.

Unlimited capacity for users

The COVID19Tracker™ utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is a serverless software, allowing your solution to be both scaled up or down as your capacity continues to evolve.

Hybrid Phase Mode

COVID19Tracker™ is available to be utilized in a hybrid (phase-in) approach. Start welcoming back employees in phases to maintain a safe environment.

Multiple Site Recognition

From a single to multiple locations across the country or globe, COVID19Tracker™ is ready to accommodate various users and local guidelines for a seamless user experience.

Comprehensive Safety Solution

COVID19Tracker™ is not just for COVID related incident management. It is also being used beyond COVID related incidences. It is currently used to manage compliance and emergencies.

Delegate Self Screening

In the event an employee does not have access to a smart device, a delegate can be assigned to that employee to submit the self-assessment on their behalf.

Delegate Self Screening