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We Make Global Expansion Easy
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We Make Global Expansion Easy

Globalization Partners' platform enables you to hire in more than 187 countries within days, and without the need to set up costly international subsidiaries. You identify great talent anywhere in the world, and we put them on our fully compliant global payroll—lifting the burden of global corporate tax, legal, and HR matters from your shoulders to ours.

Features and Benefits

Employer of Record 

Globalization Partners has trailblazed the Global PEO and Employer of Record industry by combining unmatched international legal and HR expertise, its own in-house infrastructure covering 90 percent of new hires around the globe, and a proprietary, privacy-by-design software technology.

Our Platform

Globalization Partners’ industry-leading proprietary software platform, will ease the burden of onboarding and managing employees around the globe. With easy-to-use dashboards and a mobile-ready payroll authorization system, you can safely and securely access crucial HR documents, onboard professionals with ease, and authorize and approve global payroll faster than ever.

187+ countries

We have entities all around the world. When a company has employees ready in any of our 187+ countries, Globalization Partners can onboard those employees usually in a couple weeks. We have locally compliant employment contracts ready and are experts with the laws and cultures in each territory.


Our software and processes ensure that no one sees, touches, or manages data they are not supposed to. We indemnify our clients for our GDPR requirements, giving them peace of mind.

Global HR Experts

Global expansion is in our DNA. Globalization Partners was founded with international tax, law, and finance expertise at the forefront, not just payroll. As a client of Globalization Partners, you can rest assured that you have the most compliant Employer of Record on your side. Find out just how much help you’ll get with our thoroughly compliant solutions to all your global workforce management needs.

24/7 Client Support

We know this journey well. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls. There’s a reason our customers stick with us as they expand around the globe. Time differences and language barriers are no obstacle for our 24/7 services, and we’ve just about seen it all. Our inclusive culture is a reflection of the lessons we’ve learned. In fact, 97% of our clients and 96% of their team members tell us they are highly satisfied. Learn more about why they recommend us!

Why work with Globalization Partners?

Hire and onboard employees quickly and easily in more than 170 countries without having to setup an entity. You will minimize the cost of global expansion and avoid setting up local bank accounts while eliminating the administrative burden of business expansion.

G-P Contractor

G-P Contractor allows you to hire, manage, and pay contractors in any country on the already established Global Employment Platform™. Our customers enjoy the ability to manage both full-time employees and contractors in one single view.
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