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Time Tracking for Construction & Field Service
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Time Tracking for Construction & Field Service

ClockShark is a leading time tracking and scheduling software built for local construction, field service and franchises that want a simpler way to track mobile employee time, run payroll quickly and accurately, and understand job costs. Automatically sync your employees from ADP Workforce Now® and easily sync your timesheets to payroll in ADP Workforce Now®. ***ClockShark is only available in English***

Features and Benefits

Integration Details

ClockShark integrates with ADP Workforce Now® to simplify time-tracking and payroll. After your employees' time is recorded, you may then sync that data with ADP Workforce Now®. ClockShark will send the employees' regular, overtime, and double-time hours, and they will be associated with the corresponding employee. Fast & easy!


In ClockShark, you can set geofences around your job sites or business locations. With GPSFence, the mobile apps sense those locations and notify employees to clock in or out. No more forgetting. You will even receive alerts if an employee clocks in from outside a GPSFence.

Mobile Apps

Mobile workers need mobile time clocks. With ClockShark’s free mobile apps for iOS and Android, your time clock travels with you. Employees can conveniently clock in to their jobs and tasks. No messy timesheets. No delay. Just easy time tracking.


CrewClock allows one person to use their smartphone to clock in for multiple employees. With CrewClock, a supervisor or foreman can ensure that employees without smartphones are getting to work, and getting on the clock!

File Attachments & Pictures

File attachments allow photos and documents to be shared right from the field. Snap a picture of work progress and upload it directly to the timesheet. Communication between the office and field staff has never been easier!


KioskClock allows multiple employees to clock in and out from a single tablet or smartphone, using an easy 4-digit PIN. KioskClock is powerful, portable, and perfect for any place multiple employees are working, like your construction site, warehouse, or office!

GPS Tracking & Locations

Whenever an employee clocks in/out, ClockShark furnishes a GPS location. While employees are on the clock, ClockShark will receive updated locations from the employee devices. On a map, ClockShark shows you where everyone is clocked in, complete with satellite imagery overlay. It’s like a magic window you look through to see your workers and their locations.

Employee Scheduling

What trumps easy-to-use mobile time tracking? Time tracking and scheduling together. ClockShark provides you with streamlined employee scheduling. Employees can see their schedule right from their smartphones, so they always know where to be. Notify employees when their schedule changes. That’s powerful and easy!

Detailed Reports

ClockShark provides easy-to-read, concise reports. Since employees select a job and labor task with each clock in, you’ll have everything you need for accurate job costing and reporting. Get all the information you need with just a few clicks!

Customer Support

At ClockShark, one of our core values is that customer support should be nothing less than great. We actually have a rule against mediocrity. As a result, with our help, thousands of companies have made a successful switch to mobile time tracking, and you can too! We’ll be here to help.
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