Beekeeper Connector for ADP Workforce Now®

Keep employee information synchronized automatically.

Keep employee information synchronized automatically.

To ensure the successful integration between any two digital workforce management systems, the first step is user synchronization. If you use ADP to manage workforce information such as employee information, payroll, payslips, PTO requests, and scheduling, the Beekeeper integration allows you to automatically synchronize your ADP workforce information with Beekeeper so that employee info is always current.

Features and Benefits

Automatic Updates

Since you already have crucial workforce information in your ADP system, why create extra work by creating new profiles for each employee? Automatic user synchronization reduces unnecessary duplication of employee information and lowers migration time. Workforce information is automatically onboarded when employees join the team, or offboarded when there are staff departures.

Virtually Eliminate Human Data Entry Error

This greatly reduces the potential for spelling mistakes (such as name misspellings which can lead to duplication of user data) and the risks of accidentally assigning the wrong permissions.

Turnkey Solution

One of the key advantages of Beekeeper’s employee app is our open API, which doesn’t require IT support but also provides the flexibility of allowing IT developers to customize app integrations
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