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Integration Details

The turnkey Absorb LMS integration for ADP Workforce Now® connects human resources (HR) and training data to provide all the benefits and function of a software suite. Automate menial—but time-consuming—tasks like data entry, record keeping and training enrollment to save both time and money. Connect employees to the learning materials needed to ensure their success—and yours.

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now®

Integration Type

  • 1. Bi-directional data exchange
    2. Single Sign-On
    3. Referral

Application Type

  • Data Connector

Data Sync Frequency

  • 1. Near real-time for main worker data fields & learner competencies
    2. Scheduled nightly sync for all other worker data
    Please See Data Fields for complete lists

Data Fields

  • The following fields will be sent from ADP to Absorb LMS for a sync of your workers.
    Note: All fields with an * will be synced near real time to Absorb LMS when updated in ADP Workforce Now®. All other fields will be captured in the nightly sync.
    1. First Name *
    2. Last Name *
    3. Full Name *
    4. Salutation *
    5. Generation Suffix *
    6. Professional Suffix *
    7. Gender *
    8. Marital Status *
    9. Legal Address - Line 1 *
    10. Legal Address - Line 2 *
  • 11. Legal Address - Line 3 *
    12. Legal Address - City *
    13. Legal Address - State / Territory *
    14. Legal Address - County *
    15. Legal Address - Postal Code *
    16. Legal Address - Country *
    17. Preferred Name *
    18. Original Hire Date *
    19. Rehire Date
    20. Adjusted Service Date
    21. Termination Date
    22. Work Assignment Status – Reason
    23. Work Assignment Status
    24. Worker Status
    25. Worker Phone Number *
  • 26. Work Cell Number *
    27. Work Fax Number *
    28. Work Pager Number *
    29. Work Email *
    30. Personal Phone Number *
    31. Personal Cell Number *
    32. Personal Fax Number *
    33. Personal Email *
    34. Work Assignment - Hire Date
    35. Work Assignment - Seniority Date
    36. Work Assignment - Actual Start Date
    37. Worker Type *
    38. Job Title
    39. Business Title
    40. Labor Union
  • 41. Bargaining Unit
    42. Worker Group
    43. Home Work Location
    44. Assigned Work Location
    45. Position Id
    46. Reports To - Worker Name *
    47. Pay Group
    48. File Number
    49. Home Department
    50. Business Unit
    51. Home Cost Number
  • The following fields will be sent from Absorb LMS to for updating your worker's talent profile.
    1. Competency/skill name
    2. Competency/skill description
    3. Date earned

Automatically Sync your Workers

Easy to setup & highly customizable integration for your employees in ADP Workforce Now®

Eliminate administrative overhead

  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce duplication or administrative errors

Flexible sync options

  • Specify rules for which workers you want to sync
  • Flexibly map Absorb LMS and Workforce Now profile fields
  • Automatically create & manage your LMS department structure

Ensure appropriate access levels

  • Automatically provision instructor or admin access
  • Detailed role-based permissions
  • Restrict user management to specific departments or groups


Finding ways to make your learners excited about the training process is not always an easy task. With the Absorb LMS Mercury Module we help you bring some of the best elements of the web, right into your training portal, helping make your LMS a destination and not just a necessity.


Content Libraries

See the immediate impact content libraries have on your learners and admins. With eLearning that provides better engagement and content available right within the Absorb platform, you’re only a few clicks away from thousands of courses. No matter what your industry vertical or learning needs are, we have something for everyone. Use courses as-is, or blend with your customized content to create unique training experiences for your learners.

Content Libraries

Smart Administration

Absorb LMS gives administrators the power to schedule and automate much of the busy work other LMS’s require from their admins. Add in intuitive course setup, user management, and reporting tools and Absorb LMS lets you take back time to get on with the more important things. With Absorb LMS you're able to set workflows that start based on your predetermined triggers. Have your new employees automatically enrolled in onboarding. Someone gets promoted and immediately gets their new courses. Automatically re-enroll learners who don't pass an assessment. Absorb LMS lets you focus on your learning strategy.

Smart Administration


Every choice should be informed, and every action measurable. We recognize your business is unique and comes with your own set of specific reporting needs. Though they may be niche, no one can argue their importance in the context of your e-learning strategy. Our report interface gives your team the ability to gather actionable insights from your LMS like never before.