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Comprehensive job advertising, employment branding, interview, offer, hiring, and onboarding, cloud-based recruiting solution.
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Comprehensive job advertising, employment branding, interview, offer, hiring, and onboarding, cloud-based recruiting solution.

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Snaphire's leading-edge technology and unrivaled customer service and support allows you to take control of your recruitment like never before. Organizations are able to centralize, store, and track applicant and job data as well as deploy multiple workflows all from one location. This allows recruiters to easily identify qualified candidates while eliminating paper processes, automating communications, and managing workflows.

Features and Benefits

Tailored to your budget

Select the SnapHire solution that best meets your needs and budget. Implement Snaphire Pro, a fully featured turnkey ATS complete with vertical industry templates, in as little as a day... Customize your extended ATS functionality with SnapHire Enterprise... Deploy intuitive ATS functionality widely across your organization with Snaphire Unlimited.

Easy administration

Efficiently manage Users, Hiring Locations, and Brands. Manage privacy, features, and permissions to suit your organizational needs; and deliver a role-relevant user-experience across your user base.

Adapts to your business

Highly flexible and configurable workflow tailored to your unique processes and requirements to accommodate system usability, effectiveness, and fit for your organization. Fully customizable dashboards provide the ideal vantage point across open requisitions under each user’s responsibility; dashboards can be filtered and searched to provide a manageable view for users with oversight across a large volume of roles.

Free recruitment advertising

1-Click Post to your Branded Career Portals, free organic search engines (Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, Google Jobs, ZipRecruiter), and select paid job boards (Hcareers etc). Delivers time-savings, efficiency and ease of ensuring your jobs receive the level of exposure you desire.

Smooth information sharing

All candidate interactions (including multiple applications) are recorded on each centralized candidate profile, for smooth information sharing amongst your hiring managers, property recruiters, regional managers, HR admin, and external search agency users. Template communicates and automated event alerts ensure efficient collaboration amongst all recruiting participants.

Worry-free data security

Organization, role, property, and team-based user data access controls. Certified user and candidate site security controls, and General Data Protection Regulation compliance. High-end system data security compliance: GDPR security legislation compliance; certified ADP security compliance.

Extend your Employment Brand

Easy to use CMS tools help you quickly manage job, property, employee testimonial, and other employment branding content across multiple external, employee, agency, and brand-specific career portals. Deliver a positive candidate experience across all desktop & mobile devices and reinforce/enhance your employment branding on multiple internal and external branded career portals to reflect a positive impression of your organization.

Streamline candidate applications

Customize online application forms, EEO/AA/OFFCP compliance, knockout and scored screening questions optimize the candidate application experience. Reduce application hurdles via 1-click candidate apply. Automated 2-phase application process boosts candidate registration and completed applications.

Leverage your Talent Pool

15% of hires are generated from your private talent pool! Build custom role-based search criteria for your private database of candidates to manage, cultivate, search for, and communicate with, recruiter-recommended candidates. Set recruiter alerts to identify high-calibre candidates.

Elevate Candidate Care

Self-service portals enable candidates to apply online, view application history and status, maintain their profile, contact the recruiter, manage and complete draft applications, and much more. Candidate can register without applying for a specific job, helping you maximize candidate flow and generate incremental hires. Automatically email candidates that Abandon the Application Process to help minimize candidate drop-off during the application process. Show candidates that you are attentive and interested. Automated (application acknowledgement, decline, interview invites, etc.) candidate communications streamline time to hire.

Integrate Social Media

Reach candidates where they live online. Reach across multiple social media channels and global job search engines. Integrate with employer influence and rating sites such as Glassdoor. Track the effectiveness of social and online advertising, and further extend your employment brand.

Manage Search Agencies

Register and track sourcing agency users, selectively submit jobs to individual agencies, automatically track agency supplied candidates, and measure return on agency investment. Collaborate directly with agency users via your SnapHire-powered agency dashboard, and optimize your agency payments via duplicate candidate alerts.

Streamline Online Approvals

Manage offer approval chains and custom online offer approval forms, and track offer approval progress. Deliver time-savings and greater efficiency across your organization, potentially shortening the hiring cycle by several days.

Integrate all recruiting functions

Connect seamlessly with your choice of Assessment, Background Check, on-boarding, HRIS, etc. providers to deliver a complete end-end recruiting solution. Automatically submit candidates for background checks, seamlessly receive background results, proceed/adverse action. Time-savings and greater efficiency, potentially shortening the hiring cycle by several days. Automatically submit new hires for on-boarding. Automatically validate I9 forms with e-verify. Streamlines candidate data-entry to avoid multi-form duplication. Deliver a positive branded candidate experience, time-savings and greater efficiency.

Intelligent Reporting and Insights

Instantly obtain a complete view of the recruiting function to communicate key information to stakeholders, measure your performance, make better-informed decisions, generate EE/AA/OFCCP compliance reports, employee referral reports, souring ROI reports, agency reports. Comprehensive ROI reports help you develop and monitor key benchmarks for continuous improvement.

Friendly User Experience

Intuitive and customizable dashboards, processes, and communications result in rapid user adoption and satisfaction. Mobile-responsive career sites and dashboards ensure SnapHire is always at your finger tips, so your users can also deliver exceptional service to their own candidates and stakeholders.

Professional Implementation, Training, and Ongoing Support

We don't just provide recruitment technology, we provide Human Technology - a full talent management solution that includes friendly and experienced customer service from our team. Knowledgeable business consultants and exceptional technology combine to deliver rapid, responsive, high-quality, talent solutions.

Advanced business solutions - Hospitality

In partnership with Hcareers - the #1 U.S. Hospitality job board - SnapHire delivers best practice job descriptions, communications, and business practice workflow in a bundled solution for limited and full-service hospitality organizations, ranging from independent properties to large hospitality management companies. A natural fit for a centralized corporate recruiting function, SnapHire supports multi-branded, geographically dispersed properties and hiring managers, across unionized and non-unionized workplaces and varying local hiring regulations.

Job Ad Distribution

Automatically post jobs to select paid job boards, such as Hcareers for hospitality; organic job search engines, such as Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and ZipRecruiter; ad-hoc job boards, such as Craigslist, local universities, government resources; search agencies, via SnapHire agency portals; your private talent pool, and other employee referral sources. SnapHire automated source-tracking provides 100% accurate candidate and application level source tracking - without asking candidates to select from a drop-down list of job boards.

Applicant Tracking

SnapHire price & features are tuned for organizations of all shapes and sizes, from mom & pop to large, distributed hiring organizations. Three product suites can be further fine-tuned to exactly fit your requirements and budget. Whether a 1 recruiter advertising solution; 10 users with pre-canned background interviews and background checks; or a 1000 user, 200 hiring location, large scale management company solution, SnapHire scales to meet your needs.

Employment branding

SnapHire's feature rich Content Management System integrates a branded SnapHire-powered career site seamlessly within your corporate career pages. Instantly publish jobs, hiring locations, employee testimonials and other custom content on your career site.

Talent Database

Build and maintain multiple management and non-management talent pools that tracks candidate profile (role, locations, skills etc), internal evaluations and interview scores. Set up global or private saved searches; receive email alerts when candidates match your saved search; automatically suggest top candidates for jobs; designate yourself as candidate liaison; mark candidates as confidential (for your eyes only).

Talent Analytics

A comprehensive reporting infrastructure that collects, maintains, and organizes knowledge for strategic and operational reporting to support better talent acquisition business processes and decision-making. An SAP Business Objects based reporting platform delivers a library of best practice talent management reports; and an ad-hoc report-building toolset supports the rapid development of custom analytics that can be scheduled and automatically delivered via email to strategic and operational management teams.

Employee Referrals

Identify jobs eligible for your organization’s employee referral program, and the referral bonus to be paid. Employees set referable job alerts, and can view and refer eligible jobs (marked with a '$') on the SnapHire employee career portal. Every referral is automatically tracked, and referrers, referred candidates, and payment amounts are detailed in Employee referral reports. A '$' legend help recruiters and manager quickly identify referred candidates.

Staffing Agency Administration

Staffing Agencies are preferred suppliers that can supply job seekers to your organization. Selectively submit job opportunities to your registered agencies; track resumes submitted by agencies to avoid unnecessary agency payments; track agency contracts and amounts owed; measure effectiveness of agency hires. Agencies can only submit job seekers under the terms of an active contract, and only to a job that they have been invited to assist with. Recruiters or managers with the appropriate permissions can invite agency users (consultants within an agency) to assist. Agencies log in to a private agency portal to submit resumes to your organization. The agencies desktop is limited to the jobs their agency has been asked to assist with, and to the job seekers submitted by their agency.

Offer Letter Automation

Managers submit online offer approval requests which are automatically routed through their management hierarchy. Once approved, your HR team, or the manager themselves, generate the corresponding offer letter which, upon final approval, is emailed to the candidate for electronic signature.

Open Integration

SnapHire Open Integration supports instant web-services integration with a growing network of integration partners to deliver a comprehensive suite of bundled Talent Management Solutions. Snaphire partners with numerous vendors in the Talent Management arena to deliver recruitment advertising, employment branding and recruitment process outsourcing services. The RESTful-based SnapHire Open API is easily configured to connect with most 3rd party applications. Flexible Snaphire mechanisms capture and seamlessly manage 3rd party data directly within the SnapHire dashboard. Sortable candidate assessment scores and reports, for example, are presented on candidate lists. Custom workflow is typically created to incorporate, in this example, custom assessment workflow and UI to house this data.

User & Workflow Administration

Rapidly customize your ATS with extensive administration and configuration tools. Opt for self-administration, or leverage SnapHire Support expertise to rapidly tailor your manager, recruiter, employee, and candidate experience.
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