SnapHire Applicant Tracking System

Comprehensive job advertising, employment branding, interview, offer, hiring, and onboarding, cloud-based recruiting solution.
Find New Talent Onboard

Job Ad Distribution

Automatically post jobs to select paid job boards, such as Hcareers for hospitality; organic job search engines, such as Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and ZipRecruiter; ad-hoc job boards, such as Craigslist, local universities, government resources; search agencies, via SnapHire agency portals; your private talent pool, and other employee referral sources. SnapHire automated source-tracking provides 100% accurate candidate and application level source tracking - without asking candidates to select from a drop-down list of job boards.

Job Ad Distribution

1-Click Job Requisition

  • Managers select from a list of pre-canned job templates to instantly create job requisitions. Job templates include pre-package advertising, job description, compliance reporting, and approval chains, so managers can point, click, and go.
  • Automated online job requisition approval chains.

1-Click Job Post

  • Automatically post to integrated paid job boards, such as Hcareers for hospitality.
  • Automatically post to organic job search engines, such as Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, and ZipRecruiter.
  • Sponsor jobs on Indeed directly from SnapHire.
  • Automatically post to your branded internal, external career sites, and career portals.
  • Send search orders to your registered search agencies.
  • Job alerts emailed to matching candidates in your private talent pool.

Facebook Careers App

  • Directly embed a branded careers site including a list of jobs (or almost any other content) from your careers site directly within your corporate Facebook page.

Applicant Tracking

SnapHire price & features are tuned for organizations of all shapes and sizes, from mom & pop to large, distributed hiring organizations. Three product suites can be further fine-tuned to exactly fit your requirements and budget. Whether a 1 recruiter advertising solution; 10 users with pre-canned background interviews and background checks; or a 1000 user, 200 hiring location, large scale management company solution, SnapHire scales to meet your needs.

Applicant Tracking

SnapHire Pro

  • Inexpensive recruitment advertising and ATS solution.
  • Free organic advertising on job search engines (Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Google Jobs, ZipRecruiter).
  • Screen, schedule and record interviews.
  • Implement today, start advertising tomorrow!

SnapHire Enterprise

  • Per user pricing to tailor solution to your budget.
  • Branded career site CMS.
  • Pre-canned, and custom assessment, background checks, and on-boarding integration.
  • Comprehensive, customizable ATS solution.

SnapHire Unlimited

  • Unlimited users for a fixed price. Deploy custom ATS dashboard to all your recruiters, managers, GM's, and regional managers.
  • Comprehensive, customizable SnapHire Enterprise features.
  • Manager hierarchies, requisition approvals, offer approvals, integration offer letter generation.

Employment branding

SnapHire's feature rich Content Management System integrates a branded SnapHire-powered career site seamlessly within your corporate career pages. Instantly publish jobs, hiring locations, employee testimonials and other custom content on your career site.

Employment branding

Integrated Career Site

  • Blends your corporate site look and feel, menus, and marketing content with your employment content.
  • Candidates navigate freely between your corporate marketing and your career site pages without ever leaving your brand.
  • Mobile-responsive and social media integrated career site.
  • Multiple external, employee, and brand-specific career portals.

Career Site CMS

  • Automatically display related jobs, related testimonials, and related properties next to your career content.
  • Instantly manage hiring locations, employee testimonials, and more, via SnapHire's customizable CMS.

Talent Database

Build and maintain multiple management and non-management talent pools that tracks candidate profile (role, locations, skills etc), internal evaluations and interview scores. Set up global or private saved searches; receive email alerts when candidates match your saved search; automatically suggest top candidates for jobs; designate yourself as candidate liaison; mark candidates as confidential (for your eyes only).

Talent Database

Keyword search

  • Find candidates based upon resume keywords.

Candidate Profile Search

  • Candidate history profile (locations, roles etc. applied for).
  • Search based upon recruiter recommendations.
  • Search based upon interview evaluations.

Saved searches

  • Add saved searches to your drop-down search list.
  • Publish saved searches to other manager and recruiter saved search drop-down list.
  • Set automated email alerts when candidates match your saved search.

Talent Analytics

A comprehensive reporting infrastructure that collects, maintains, and organizes knowledge for strategic and operational reporting to support better talent acquisition business processes and decision-making. An SAP Business Objects based reporting platform delivers a library of best practice talent management reports; and an ad-hoc report-building toolset supports the rapid development of custom analytics that can be scheduled and automatically delivered via email to strategic and operational management teams.

Talent Analytics

Strategic Analytics

  • Pre-canned ROI reports deliver real-time insights into advertising and recruitment effectiveness.
  • Recruiting status, time to fill, and time to hire reports.
  • Source tracking, job board, and agency source traffic and quality reports.

Operational reports

  • Employee referral reports.
  • Hiring Location and regional activity reports.
  • Recruitment statistics and recruiter effectiveness reports.

Compliance reports

  • EEO & Affirmative Action reports.
  • OFCCP compliance for federal contractors.

Employee Referrals

Identify jobs eligible for your organization’s employee referral program, and the referral bonus to be paid. Employees set referable job alerts, and can view and refer eligible jobs (marked with a '$') on the SnapHire employee career portal. Every referral is automatically tracked, and referrers, referred candidates, and payment amounts are detailed in Employee referral reports. A '$' legend help recruiters and manager quickly identify referred candidates.

Employee Referrals

Manage employee referrals

  • Designate referable jobs and referral payment amount.
  • Referral payment reports.

Employee & candidate portals

  • Employee proactively refer friends for referable jobs.
  • Candidates identify referring employees.

Staffing Agency Administration

Staffing Agencies are preferred suppliers that can supply job seekers to your organization. Selectively submit job opportunities to your registered agencies; track resumes submitted by agencies to avoid unnecessary agency payments; track agency contracts and amounts owed; measure effectiveness of agency hires. Agencies can only submit job seekers under the terms of an active contract, and only to a job that they have been invited to assist with. Recruiters or managers with the appropriate permissions can invite agency users (consultants within an agency) to assist. Agencies log in to a private agency portal to submit resumes to your organization. The agencies desktop is limited to the jobs their agency has been asked to assist with, and to the job seekers submitted by their agency.

Staffing Agency Administration

Agency Portal

  • Secure agency access to designated jobs.
  • Agency submits candidates online.
  • Communicate with agencies through secure portal.

Agency Administration

  • Manage Agency Users.
  • Track agency submitted candidates.
  • Agency A/P reports.

Offer Letter Automation

Managers submit online offer approval requests which are automatically routed through their management hierarchy. Once approved, your HR team, or the manager themselves, generate the corresponding offer letter which, upon final approval, is emailed to the candidate for electronic signature.

Offer Letter Automation

Offer approvals

  • Custom offer approval chains.
  • Custom offer approval forms.
  • Recruiter offer approval chain overrides.

Offer Letter Generation

  • Multiple custom offer letter templates.
  • Conditional offer component inclusion (eg based upon benefit type).
  • Multiple employments brands (eg. different company logos).
  • Automated offer signatures.

Open Integration

SnapHire Open Integration supports instant web-services integration with a growing network of integration partners to deliver a comprehensive suite of bundled Talent Management Solutions. Snaphire partners with numerous vendors in the Talent Management arena to deliver recruitment advertising, employment branding and recruitment process outsourcing services. The RESTful-based SnapHire Open API is easily configured to connect with most 3rd party applications. Flexible Snaphire mechanisms capture and seamlessly manage 3rd party data directly within the SnapHire dashboard. Sortable candidate assessment scores and reports, for example, are presented on candidate lists. Custom workflow is typically created to incorporate, in this example, custom assessment workflow and UI to house this data.

Open Integration

SnapHire ADP Connector

  • Seamless SnapHire ADP integration.
  • Automate new hire on-boarding.

Assessment integration

  • Numerous pre-canned assessment vendors (SHL, Acumax Index, Predictive Index, PeopleAnswers, and more).
  • Assign assessment package to job.
  • Candidate completes assessment when they apply, or by recruiter invite.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers review and rank candidate assessment scores.

Background checks

  • Established integrations with ESRCheck, Universal Background, First Choice, and more.

Rapid ad-hoc integration

  • SnapHire Open Integration supports rapid development of integration connector Apps to most other 3rd party applications.

User & Workflow Administration

Rapidly customize your ATS with extensive administration and configuration tools. Opt for self-administration, or leverage SnapHire Support expertise to rapidly tailor your manager, recruiter, employee, and candidate experience.

User & Workflow Administration

User Administration

  • Activate / Inactivate users.
  • Manage User Roles & Properties.
  • Administer management approval hierarchies.

Workflow customization

  • Manage multiple hiring workflows.
  • Customize recruiter & manager desktops (list views, data fields, etc).
  • Custom application forms.
  • Custom job-screening questions.
  • Job template library administration.