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Automated and Secure Online Employment and Income Verification
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Automated and Secure Online Employment and Income Verification

Automate the employment and income verification process and help reduce risks and minimize costs. Without any fees charged to your company, ADP Employment Verification Services, leveraging Verification ExchangeTM, a service of Equifax Workforce Solutions will help ensure proper procedures are in place and followed, to validate the true identity of the requestor and confirm the requestor has a permissible purpose. Verification requests are responded to 24/7, appropriately, accurately and promptly. Your employees’ personal data is handled by state-of-the-art data security. Web-based solutions mean your HR department is not burdened with time-consuming tasks.

Features and Benefits

Respond to employee requests for income and employment verification.

Your employees expect prompt responses to their employment and income verification requests that meet their needs and respect their privacy.

Avoid time-consuming paperwork.

This web-based-solution helps relieve HR of unnecessary, time-consuming manual handling of employment and income verification requests.

Quick, safe responses to verification requests.

Responses are provided securely, with consistent and guarded procedures designed to avoid putting employees’ information at risk or creating unnecessary legal risk to your organization.

Getting started is easy.

1. Download the ADP Employment Verification Services app. 2. Inform your employees of this new service and the steps/process they need to follow to participate 3. Complete your activation. 4. ADP starts to transfer, for participating employees only, your existing ADP hosted payroll information to fulfill verification requests.

Comply with federal and provincial regulations.

ADP Employment Verification Services complies with the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA), applicable provincial/territorial consumer reporting legislation (CRL) and other applicable laws to help protect consumers (your employees) and ensure that verifications are provided only to verifiers/requestors that have a permissible purpose.

Customize access. Put your company in control.

Employers have the ability to block Verifiers’ access to individual employee records should a need arise and request that records be deleted at any time.

Ensure proper procedures are being followed.

ADP Employment Verification Services validates the true identity of the requestor. It requires that the requestor confirm they have a permissible purpose as defined by applicable provincial/territorial consumer reporting legislation (CRL) to obtain income and employment verification. ADP will only transfer relevant payroll information for employees for whom your company (the Employer) has or has obtained consent to participate in the services, and have their information transferred for this purposes.
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