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Enterprise Workforce Management Software
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Enterprise Workforce Management Software

Synerion Enterprise Workforce provides an enterprise class automated workforce management solution designed for medium to large sized organizations. Enterprise provides an easy to use interface that can manage; time and attendance, scheduling, absence planning, labor allocation, time banking, benefit accruals and many more features such as robust reporting for ACA compliance or internal polices, use of mobile app and biometrics.

Features and Benefits

Integration with ADP Workforce Now Data

Synerion Enterprise is seamlessly integrated with Workforce Now® current version, delivering secure real-time integration of employee changes, enabling a simplified employee onboarding process, delivering an integrated solution from best of breed suppliers.

Integration Details

Synerion Enterprise integrates with ADP Workforce Now® and ADP Vantage HCM® to onboard new employees and provide a seamless experience for customers. This is a real-time integration which can either be triggered manually or scheduled in an automated way. The integration has a flexible mapping tool which enables the customer to create custom mappings between fields.

Time and Attendance

Collect and manage all aspects of employee time and labour activities including: Attendance Information, Employee Scheduling, Labour and job allocation, benefits accruals, and more!

Employee-Based Scheduling

Easily create schedules to make sure you have the right amount of staff covering all areas of your business. Our robust rules engine will automatically alert you if you are going to schedule overtime, or other scheduling requirements you may have such as ACA compliance requirements and more.

Shift-Based Scheduling

Shift based scheduling allows for managers to make sure they have the correct amount of staff in each area of operation in their organization. You will receive notifications or email alerts when you may have over/under scheduling in certain areas .Our rules Engine will also be able to alert you on other scheduling requirements such as ACA compliance or other internal policies.

Absence Planning

Employer's will be able to see and manage employee time of requests all in a calendar format. You can sort request by seniority or other metrics to make sure the right employee receives time off. Synerion coverage standards prevents too many employees from being off at once.

Labour Allocation

Labour allocation is used for when businesses need to track what tasks employees have done throughout the day. Our solution can track and assign various rates and rate changes should they occur when employee switches tasks. Employers can use this to measure planned projects such as did we go over time budgets or meet completion dates. Synerion's Labour allocation allows for full integration to financial and ERP applications.

Time Banking

Easily and efficiently track banked hours by employees. Employers can track all aspects of banked time and even see maximum hours, minimum hours and ratios of time worked to lieu time. Tracking these metrics can help employers understand employee behavior and help reduce cost by changing scheduling requirements

Benefit Accrual

This feature allows for the tracking of employee's sick, vacation, training time, emergency days and any other paid and unpaid time you would like to track your employees on. Employees and managers will be able to run reports to find out balances of days used, unused, carryover and other metrics.

Employee Self Service

Employee self service allows your employees to view key data on our web based application or using Synerion's touch screen terminals. Employee's can punch in and out, check schedules, request time off, check their absence balances and more. Employees can also complete time sheets to report hours quickly and efficiently.


Synerion mobile application is perfect for employee's who work on the road or different job sites. With GPS and Geo-fencing you can make sure employee's are punching in and out at the right locations. The mobile app also allows employees to check absence balances, check time sheets or time cards and request time off. The App is available for iOS and Android devices.


Synerion offers the most advanced biometrics available. Our punch clocks come in a variety of choices such as hand punch and fingerprint scanner. we also have options to use codes or proxy cards. Using biometric terminals your organization can save thousands or more a year by eliminating buddy punching and over paying employees for time they are not actually working.
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