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Organizational Charts cleverly created
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Organizational Charts cleverly created

Visualize your company’s structure with just a few clicks. After synchronizing your data from ADP Workforce Now your org chart will be created automatically. CSV files can also be used as a data source. The possibility to display key metrics along the hierarchy allows for thorough HR analytics and reporting. Its feature for the modeling of structural changes without modifying the original org chart additionally helps with workforce planning. This makes orginio an effective strategic tool for executives and HR managers. Visualizations are always up to date and can easily be shared with colleagues.

Features and Benefits

Quick and simple org charting

Create and design your org chart within minutes. The integration with ADP Workforce Now ensures that the visualizations are always up to date.

Your org chart as a strategic tool

orginio lets you display key metrics directly within the organizational structure making it a useful tool for HR managers, senior executives, and team leads.

Controlling data visibility

orginio lets you determine employees or user groups that are entitled to see particular information in the org chart. This way, you can make sure everyone has access only to the data which they are meant to see.

Workforce modeling for easier decision making

Model potential structural changes in a user-friendly manner simply via drag-and-drop. This allows you to evaluate their consequences before implementing them making decisions easier.

Highlighting what's important

Display rules help you get a quick overview of particularly important aspects of your organization. They can be individually defined to meet your own requirements.

Sharing and printing the org chart

There are multiple ways to share your org chart. Embed it into your intranet or allow access via a shared link. It is also possible to export org chart views to PDF or an image file for printing.

Data security

All of the data you have imported into orginio is securely stored in the ISO 27001 certified Amazon web services (AWS) data center. Key compliances controls and objectives are demonstrated by AWS SOC 2 Security and Availability Report which is an objective and independent third-party report. The AWS data center meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations all over the world.
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