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Situation-Based Employment Assessments

Over 200 online, whole-person employment tests, each designed for a specific job. The detailed report shows you job candidate's cognitive ability, skills, personality, and behavioral history. Plus, tests include simulations of job-related tasks to provide a better overall measure and much more engaging candidate experience. Super easy to administer – Accurate – and Engaging!

Features and Benefits

Whole-Person Assessment

Each test is designed for a specific job and contains multiple types of assessments in a single test session: Cognitive ability, personality, knowledge/skills, behavior history, machine-scored essay (for those jobs that require writing ability.) Valid, Reliable, Job-Related.

Super Easy To Use

In your account, simply select the test by job-title and click “Administer This Test” to send a test-link to the candidate. When the candidate completes the test, you will receive a text message with the test result (or email if you prefer).

Superior Candidate Engagement

Simulation-Based Assessments: Candidates engage in day-in-the-life scenarios where they will perform tasks such as: help a dissatisfied customer, present a business-case to their manager, analyze a sales situation when a customer provides new criteria, proof-read a medical form for accuracy.

Scientific and Accurate

Designed to predict performance and reduce turnover, each test is based on decades of job research and analysis combined with the latest assessment science to measures and weigh factors that are most important to performance and tenure.

Four Tests In One

By combining 4 key competency dimensions: cognitive ability, personality, skills and biodata, HR Avatar assessments provide a better overall candidate picture and reduce the risk associated with using assessments that measure only one or two dimensions.


It is easy to see how job simulation-based assessments are job-related, which helps reduce candidate complaints and mitigates risks associated with claims that the tests are not relevant to the job.

Mobile Ready

Recruiters, hiring managers, and job-candidates can use HR Avatar from any pc, smartphone or tablet. Now you can be productive no matter where you are and your candidates can complete the process when they are on the go.

EEOC, OFCCP, ADA Compliant

HR Avatar assessments help you comply with EEOC, OFCCP and ADA requirements. You can learn more at

Whole-Person Approach

HR Avatar assessments use multiple types of assessments in a single assessment session, including: cognitive ability, personality, knowledge/skills, behavioral history, machine-scored essay. This produces a better overall measure that is more reliable and fair.

Detailed Score Report

PDF report includes a 1 page summary with overall score, competency scores, and comparative details. Report details include competency descriptions, score details and expert interview questions tailored to the test-taker.

Simulations of Job-Related Tasks

HR Avatar tests engage candidates in simulations of job-related tasks in which they interact with animated avatars such as customers, co-workers and supervisors as they perform job-related tasks. 97% of HR Avatar test-takers report the testing experience is realistic.


No customization is required, but HR Avatar is easy to customize to support your specific needs.


HR Avatar offers professional services to help you get the most from your talent assessment initiative. (Optional and not required to use HR Avatar assessments.)


HR Avatar assessments and assessment services helping organizations make great hires. From banking, retail, information technology, customer service and sales to federal and local government agencies.

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Integration Details

HR Avatar is an approved ADP-Integration Partner. Current integration provides for single sign on and ADP marketplace integration. Anticipated, but not yet available integration includes HR Avatar test administration and test results records integrated with candidate workflow and candidate records management within Workforce Now. ADP has not yet set a date for this project. Ask your ADP rep for details. HR Avatar has features available today that significantly streamline the workflow of assessing large numbers of job candidates without the full ADP integration. Contact HR Avatar for details.
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