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Whole-Person Approach

HR Avatar assessments use multiple types of assessments in a single assessment session, including: cognitive ability, personality, knowledge/skills, behavioral history, machine-scored essay. This produces a better overall measure that is more reliable and fair.

Whole-Person Approach

HR Avatar tests use a whole-person approach.

  • Each HR Avatar test is designed for a specific job and includes 4-5 assessment types, including simulations of job-related tasks and measures of cognitive ability, personality, machine-scored essay*, past behaviors, and knowledge and skills. (Only tests designed for jobs that require writing ability contain the essay component.)

Detailed Score Report

PDF report includes a 1 page summary with overall score, competency scores, and comparative details. Report details include competency descriptions, score details and expert interview questions tailored to the test-taker.

Detailed Score Report

Report summary page


  • Your report can be optionally modified to show the profile of your existing staff so that candidates scores are compared to your team's benchmark. (Additional fee to setup.)

Candidate Experience

Candidates are immersed in scenarios where they interact with animated avatars to complete job-related tasks.

Candidate Experience

Simulations of Job-Related Tasks

HR Avatar tests engage candidates in simulations of job-related tasks in which they interact with animated avatars such as customers, co-workers and supervisors as they perform job-related tasks. 97% of HR Avatar test-takers report the testing experience is realistic.

Simulations of Job-Related Tasks

Candidates like them!

  • Candidates find HR Avatar tests more engaging that other tests, which is why candidates are 60% more likely to complete an HR Avatar test than the industry average (for tests of even shorter length, too!)

Large Test Catalog

Test-titles match the typical job-title, so if you know the name of the job, you can quickly find the test that is designed for that job. Each test is designed for a specific job and incorporates simulations of job-related tasks and measures cognitive abilities, personality, skills and biodata,

Large Test Catalog

Hundreds of Job-Specific Tests

  • Search the catalog by job title, keyword, job family, etc.
  • Catalog is searchable on our website (no account required).

Easy Test Administration

Click to send a test-link to a test candidate.

Easy Test Administration

Administration Options

  • Customize test invitation message template
  • Embed multi-use test links in job postings or email campaigns (set it and forget it)
  • Apply your brand to the test experience and test results report
  • All functions work on mobile devices
  • Click to send a test link to a single or multiple candidates
  • Optionally proctor an assessment from your account

Mobile Ready

Authorize tests, review reports, sort candidate records, from any smart device. Test-takers can complete the assessment on any smart device and they lose their connection, they can resume when they regain their connection.

Mobile Ready


No customization is required, but HR Avatar is easy to customize to support your specific needs.

Customization Features Included in Base Price

  • Add your company logo to assessment experience and results report
  • Customize email templates for candidate communications
  • Show or hide EEOC data collection
  • Configure your account structure and user permissions

Optional Customization (Additional fees apply, based on scope)

  • Incorporate in-assessment employer-branding and messaging
  • Develop new assessment (save by using existing animation assets)
  • Modify existing assessment questions
  • Brand the simulation experience (put the characters in your uniform or your work environment)
  • Integrate with your systems (i.e. ATS) - (HR Avatar APIs make integration easy)


HR Avatar offers professional services to help you get the most from your talent assessment initiative. (Optional and not required to use HR Avatar assessments.)

Examples of professional services engagements

  • Assessment development or modification
  • Job Analysis
  • Validation Study
  • Develop Custom Job Profile (Assess existing staff and modify report to show candidate comparison to your team's benchmark)
  • Report customization
  • Disparate Impact Analysis
  • Develop Realistic Job Preview
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Integration Services (HR Avatar standard APIs make integration easy)
  • Brand simulations (put avatars in your uniform or your environment)
  • Insert employer brand messaging within assessment


HR Avatar assessments and assessment services helping organizations make great hires. From banking, retail, information technology, customer service and sales to federal and local government agencies.


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Integration Details

HR Avatar is an approved ADP-Integration Partner. Current integration provides for single sign on and ADP marketplace integration. Anticipated, but not yet available integration includes HR Avatar test administration and test results records integrated with candidate workflow and candidate records management within Workforce Now. ADP has not yet set a date for this project. Ask your ADP rep for details. HR Avatar has features available today that significantly streamline the workflow of assessing large numbers of job candidates without the full ADP integration. Contact HR Avatar for details.

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now (limited)

Integration Type

  • Single Sign-On
  • Buy Now

Workflow Enablers

  • While more advanced integration is anticipated, until that integration is complete, HR Avatar provides features that make it extremely easy to incorporate HR Avatar assessments into your current recruitment workflow today.
  • Authorize multiple job candidate to test in a single step
  • Insert a multi-use test-link into email templates to automatically invite candidates to test, anywhere in your workflow. Set it up once per job-role.
  • Auto-remind test takers to complete their test.
  • Test results reports auto-emailed to recruiter (or optionally by text message)