Performance Management and Employee Engagement
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Small Business Edition

Plan includes:
  • Live Training Upto 3 hours of training on webex provided
  • Support On Call support for any reason
  • Consulting HR advisory services for consulting on best practices available at a reasonable rate

Midsize Business Edition

Plan includes:
  • Same as Standard but for Midsize organizations

Large Business Edition

Plan includes:
  • For larger companies

Annual - Performance+Engagement

Plan includes:
  • Performance Management Suite Includes Real Time Feedback, Goals/OKRs, 360/Multirater, Performance Check ins
  • Engagement Suite Includes Social Collaboration, Engagement Survey, Gamification, Badges, Value Recognition


Plan includes:
  • Engagedly PM+Engagement Modules Covers PM, 360, RealTimeFeedback, Goals, Social Collaboration, 1:1, Survey, Gamification, Recognition/Badges and Rewards