MakeShift for ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time

Online Employee Scheduling
Time & Expense

Integration Details

MakeShift integrates ADP Workforce Now via API by GETting relevant employee details from the ADP system of record. The fields that are synced are Name, Email, File Number, Phone Number, Employment Type, Base Wage and Approved PTO. MakeShift integrates with Workforce Now for Time Collection, sending punches collected in MakeShift to ADP Workforce Now Essential Time. MakeShift integrates with Workforce now by PUTing shift with In and Out time and any other applicable shift details. This is a real time sync initiated on shift publish. Managers and employees can use single sign-on with their ADP credentials.

Integration Details

ADP Applications Integrated

  • 1) ADP Workforce Now® 2) ADP Workforce Now® Essential Time

Integration Type

  • 1. Read data from ADP
    2. Bi-directional data exchange
    3. Single Sign-On
    4. Buy Now

Application Type

  • Data Connector & End User

Data Sync Frequency

  • 1. Worker and PTO syncs are performed on a scheduled basis daily.
    2. Time Punches are synced via client defined initiation.
    3. Shifts are synced in real time on Publish, Update or Deletion

Data Fields

  • The Following Data is synced to Makeshift From Workforce Now:
    1. Employee Name
    2. Email
    3. Phone Number
    4. Employment Type
    5. Base Hourly Wage
    6. Approved PTO Requests
    Information sent from MakeShift to ADP are:
    Time Punches with applicable labour detail Shifts with In and Out Time and applicable labour detail

Employee Scheduling

Create more effective employee schedules using accurate and relevant information, including projected budgets, employee availability and an optimal schedule template. Our online employee scheduling software is the fastest and easiest way to make sure you have the right people in the right place at the right time.

Employee Scheduling

Intuitive Design

  • MakeShift’s online schedule maker is drag-and-drop simple, but offers powerful tools to help you build efficient and optimized schedules. Use shift templates or create custom shifts, track your labour budget as you go and more. Short cuts like “Copy and Paste Schedule” and “Repeat Last Week” make scheduling even faster, and the in-line search makes it easy to find the right people.

Collaborative Scheduling

  • With Makeshift, employees can easily set and communicate their availability right from their smartphone. Using employee input, managers are able to build more effective schedules that enhance job satisfaction and reduce absenteeism.

Requirement Scheduling

  • With MakeShift you can create an optimized schedule based on the number of staff and specific positions you need at any given time. Easily identify gaps in your schedule and see who’s available to work.

Labour Budgets

  • MakeShift is constantly tracking and updating your projected labour costs. Being able to easily view budgets enables managers to schedule properly and correct errors before they happen.

Fill Shifts Faster

Creating a schedule and keeping it filled is one of a manager’s most tedious tasks. MakeShift has several features that work together to help you fill shifts fast. It lets you see who’s free to pick up shifts and, when you really need someone, you can send out an instant notification to some or all of your staff.

Fill Shifts Faster

Available Shifts

  • Available shifts can be created by the shift scheduler from inside the department calendar. Once you’ve entered the necessary information—date, start time, notes, etc.—you can notify either all or select employees about the shift. The employees can then request it directly from the MakeShift app on their phones.

Real-Time Updates

MakeShift makes sure managers and employees are all working with the same information. The online scheduling software and mobile apps update scheduled shifts, availability and other information in real time. Plus, you can set custom notifications so you’ll know as soon as anything changes. And, with MakeShift you can quickly sync work schedules with Apple, Google and other calendars, or share it with family members.

Real-Time Updates

Self-Service Tools

Putting people first doesn't have to cost your business - in fact, it can help. MakeShift is designed to give employees a little more control over their schedules. Using the app, they can set their availability, request time off, trade or drop/cover shifts with co-workers, pick up more work when it’s available and more.

Self-Service Tools

Shift Exchanges

  • Because work/life balance is important, MakeShift offers a few features to make it easier for employees to have more control over their schedules. Shift exchange is a system designed to help co-workers trade and cover shifts. Staff can post the shift they’d like to drop and other employees can offer to trade different shifts with them. Once an exchange is agreed upon, managers can approve or decline it online or through the MakeShift Live app.

Time Off

  • MakeShift allows employees to request time off right from their smartphone. All requests are approved by managers, either online or through the MakeShift Live app.
  • Additionally, time off can be tagged and categorized as needed for managing staff and payroll, including vacation, sick days, bereavement and designated days off.


  • Among MakeShift’s work/life balance features is the simple ability for employees to set their availability inside the app. This information can help managers in several ways, including when they build new schedules, assigning shifts to employees they know can work, and by filling available shifts with available employees instead of sending out the available shift notification.

Employee Management

MakeShift was designed and built to be a staff scheduling app, a time and attendance solution, and an easy-to-use online employee management tool. Keep track of each employee’s schedule, hours, wage and more. Search for people by name or position, and assign specific skills (e.g., Bilingual) to members of your staff so you always know you’ve assigned the right person to the right shift.

Employee Management

Positions & Skills

  • Assign and manage the positions and skills of your employees to ensure you have the right people working at the right time.


  • Schedule, filter and categorize your employees based on their employment type, including full time, part time and casual.

Roles and Security

  • Assign different individuals the appropriate role to ensure they have access to the correct level of information and permissions.

Communication & Messaging

As a robust staff management application, MakeShift offers a lot of useful features that go beyond workforce scheduling. Our built-in messaging system lets you send notes to all, some or individual employees, who will instantly be notified when a new message arrives. Your staff will be more informed and overall company communication will improve.

Communication & Messaging

Full Control

  • Like everything in MakeShift, you can get as granular as you need to, sending messages to employees based on their location, department, position or skills.

MakeShift for Employees

People use their phone to communicate, to watch, to listen and to share. They use it for shopping and banking and taking pictures of their kids. MakeShift is designed and built to fit into modern lifestyles. It’s a work app that works, giving you more control over your job and your life. The MakeShift app for iOS and Android gives you an up-to-date and at-a-glance look at when you work. It lets you request available shifts posted by your manager and indicate when you’re free to pick up more work. The app lets you quickly request time off and trade/cover shifts with co-workers.

MakeShift for Employees

MakeShift Live

MakeShift Live brings most of MakeShift’s web features—scheduling, approvals, etc.—to iOS and Android, helping managers do their jobs more effectively. The app frees managers from their desks, letting them run their staff on the move, while keeping them up-to-speed on who’s working, who’s available, who’s late and who’s off.

MakeShift Live


  • Managers can view and manage all required approvals right from their smartphone or tablet, including time off, available shift and shift exchange requests.

Daily Rosters

  • Managers can view who is scheduled to work, who is currently clocked in and who is late through a simple and easy to use interface. If anything changes managers are immediately notified and kept up to date.

Employee Directory

  • With MakeShift Live, managers can access a full employee directory, including contact information, right from their smartphone or tablet.

Time & Attendance

MakeShift goes beyond typical staff scheduling software—it’s a complete HR software solution for managing your staff. Employees can clock in and out from their phones (or a dedicated on-site device), generating accurate timesheets automatically. MakeShift also supports payroll data export to Excel, and several popular payroll providers.

Time & Attendance

Time Clock

  • The MakeShift app doubles as time clock software for employees to check in and out of their shifts. These check in/out times are used for recording accurate timesheets, as well as notifying managers if someone is late, giving you a complete time and attendance solution.
  • MakeShift’s time and attendance software uses department specific GPS checks to make sure employees are on-site when they use the app for clocking in and out.
  • At any time, managers can use the MakeShift Live time clock app to see who has and who hasn’t clocked in. MakeShift Live can also be used on a dedicated device as a stand-alone time clock for employees.


  • MakeShift’s timesheet software uses employee clock-in/out times for total accuracy. You can customize the timesheets to flag exceptions (late and early times for shifts) and include breaks, and edit employee timesheets online or through the MakeShift Live app.