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Organizational and Workforce Planning Solution
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Organizational and Workforce Planning Solution

Leverage your ADP Workforce Now data to automatically generate organization charts. Integrate with other HR systems to accurately visualize current and future talent. Set your charts to automatically sync with your source(s), so that everything is always up-to-date. Easily share with employees, publish on your website, or invite others to collaborate.

Features and Benefits

OrgChart Now Overview

Professional Quality Organizational Charts in Minutes

Integration Details

Pull data directly from your ADP Workforce Now® account. Optionally, supplement ADP data with data from other compatible HR data systems.

Automatic Data Refresh

Schedule your OrgChart to sync with your HR data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • • Sync with ADP automatically on your schedule.
  • •Get charts delivered straight to your inbox - no need to sign in./li>
  • •Pull the latest data whenever you need in seconds.

Design with Data

Control the presentation of your chart with data-driven rules.

  • • Use your data to drive your chart visuals.
  • •Get insights as to your data quality and easily locate areas for remediation.
  • •Save time with automation - no manual formatting needed.

Navigate and Learn Your Org

Find employees in your org using multiple search criteria. Display results in a list, and then click to locate an employee in the chart.

  • • Choose what information to include in the search results.
  • • Export search results in Excel.
  • • Easily toggle between the tableau formatted Directory, and the chart.

View Talent Information

View the information you need, when you need it. View your ADP information on the chart itself, or in the customizable profile.

  • • See your ADP data in the chart or in the profile.
  • • Add ADP Custom Fields or calculations.
  • • Refresh to update these values in real-time.

Track Employee Metrics

Leverage OrgChart's robust formula creation tools to track employee metrics according to your needs.

  • • Utilize pre-build formulas to view employee headcount and span of control.
  • • Create custom formulas to meet specific needs.
  • • Easily calculate salary rollups, remote employees per department, and so much more.

Collaborate and Plan

Collaborate with your peers in real-time, and work together to hit Headcount, Salary, or FTE targets in branches undergoing restructuring.

  • • See teammate's changes to the chart in real time - no saving or worrying about document versions.
  • • Easily make changes, moves, or add new positions.
  • • Enterprise class functionality to restrict users to certain branches or see certain fields
  • • See your re-org with a clear visual showing you how to bring your current org structure toward your target.
  • • Socialize your changes with a variety of visual or excel reports.
Enterprise only

Manage Access

Fine tune who should see what data. Restrict what fields come in from ADP, and tailor which employees can see what parts of the chart.

  • • Tailor the user experience for your users to match your organizations InfoSec needs.
  • • Exclude fields on import, or restrict fields from certain users.
  • • Enterprise class functionality to restrict users to certain branches or see certain fields.
  • • Data driven role automation - sync OrgChart Now with the way your permissions work elsewhere.

Scale with your Org

Tested to support customers with hundreds of thousands of employees, OrgChart Now is engineered to meet your current and future needs.

  • • Support your company from a size of 50 to 500,000
  • • Aggregate & Automate open roles from multiple data sources
  • • View your employees from different regions and data sources at the same time


Build custom chart documents using your data to meet specific, adhoc requests.

  • • Manually customize page layout to optimize pages
  • •Save work-in-progress charts to resume work later
  • •Export these customized presentations at any time

Export and Share

Share your OrgChart with key stakeholders and employees with a few simple clicks.

  • • Share a printed or digital version
  • • Export to PDF, PPT, Google Slides, and Excel
  • • Embed charts on your company intranet
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