Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) Integration for ADP Workforce Now by Modulus Data

Multiple connections available
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Integration Details

The Taleo Enterprise Edition to ADP Workforce Now® integration automatically on-boards new hires coming from TEE into ADP. This is a near real-time integration that ensures timely and accurate data transfers.

ADP Applications Integrated

  • ADP Workforce Now

Integration Type

  • Bi-directional data exchange

Application Type

  • Data Connector

Data Sync Frequency

  • Near real-time

Data Fields

  • The following fields values can be transferred from TEE to ADP
    1. Personal - (Names, Hire Date, Reason for Hire, Tax ID, etc.)
    2. Legal Address - (Address, City, State, Zip, Country)
    3. Non LegalAddress - (Address, City, State, Zip, Country)
    4. Communications - (Phone numbers, Personal Email)
    6. Demographics - (Marital Status, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.)
    7. Employment - (Many fields)
    8. Direct Deposit - (Pay distribution accounts etc.)
    9. Emergency Contact - (Many fields)
    ... please reach out to discuss specifics
  • The following employee fields values can be transferred from ADP to TEE
    1. AssociateOID
    2. AssociateID
    3. Date exported
    4. Status (termination)

Multiple Connection Options Available

Depending on your organizational requirements/needs, you can select from the following connections, and can add on multiple connections for maximum synchronization between systems:

New Hire from TEE to ADP

Employees from ADP to TEE

Other Connections Possible (such as Users, Departments, Locations, and more)

Increase HR Efficiency

Stop re-entering data manually and avoid errors. Automation frees up your HR professionals to do what they do best, recruiting and managing the workforce. Unleash your HR professional by integrating Taleo and ADP. Data integrations save time and also never call in sick.